A Comic about Cosmic Cats lost in space

Ann is a kitty from Shy’riath – a hidden planet said to be a utopia. But she’s always been different from her peers which has driven her to learn the dark truth behind her origins and her planet’s wellbeing.

Being alone, Ann came up with a Master Plan of romance, manipulation and deceit to fix her world for good. First and the hardest step was to find and bring her only potential allies – Astar and Shia – from the Other Side, the inside of a black hole. But since that’s already done, it is time to put the rest of the Plan into work!

A Star from the Other Side is a comic about space cats. The thrill of discovery, the fear of the unknown, wild romance, fierce rivalry, manipulation and deceit – it is all here, wrapped in comedic black&white sheets (sometimes colorful too). In case you find this world captivating enough, consider supporting the comic!

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