The Comic

A Star from the Other Side

A Star from the Other Side is a comic about Ann, Astar and various other space cats being lost in space, struggling to find a reason behind it all while also going through everyday drama. 

The Lore

The Right Side (name of the world) is both an empty and a dangerous place. Astar and his group struggle to survive there as they make way out of the Other Side – a place with different rules.

Meanwhile on Shy’riath, a planet full of space cats living in harmony for centuries, Ann crafts her Master Plan – she tracked down Astar long time ago and has interest in using him for her own agenda. Unfortunately for her, there are some obstacles on her way – including friends, everyday life and ancient terrors sealed in unknown alien tombs. Is she going to get the answers she’s been looking for? 

History of the comic

Long time ago, I decided I need to have a cat. But I could not get one. So I invented my own cat, or a bunch of them.

The world changed it’s colors right when Ann appeared in a dream. “I am not going anywhere” she said, marking her space. I liked the idea of her character – after all, she is a cat that I always wanted. She grew, gained a visual design, evolved, but then… I’ve got a real cat. I simply called him “Cat”, because this is all i’ve ever wanted. And he was as awesome as I wanted him to be.

But Ann was still there. She waited. Plotted plans. And in the right moment, she attacked. She was not alone anymore. She wanted a game, artworks, or a book.

But for now, the comic is all she gets. Period.


A Star from the Other Side is a comic, where I will be telling a story. Funny stories from my life, and a coherent story that Ann and her friends go through. Although influenced by real life, this comic is not real. The characters are cosmic cats, not humans. Disclaimers:

  • Do not apply human ideologies to cosmic cats.
  • Do not treat cosmic cats, their actions or the lore as any statement of mine
  • Cosmic cats are not real, therefore nothing that cosmic cats do should be interpreted in real, human way.
  • This comic is Lawful Neutral, does not state anything, does not mean anything or does not support anything. It is all and only about cosmic cats.

The Author


I am a game developer that always wanted a cat. A game about a cat would be awesome, but games are hard to make.

Give up? Not yet. Aside from coding and explosions that I do at work, I might give this comic a go. It is low effort (I am lazy and busy), it looks ugly (I draw the best I can, I am sorry). It might go on a hiatus from time to time.
But hey, at least it is there, it’s something. And it brings joy to me. Hopefully to You too. So I will try to continue, as long as it makes me happy, and You can come with me.

Ah, also, my name is Daniel and it’s nice to meet you. I live in Finland, where nobody cares, and thats good. Please, do not care about me. Care only about this comic.

If you want to contact me (don’t), give this a go: