The Lore

Certain facts about the Right Side, Other Side and the characters

Right side, Other side and other Other Sides...

The world of cosmic cats is called the Right Side. It is simply the universe they are in, with the laws of physics we know. 

The Right Side appears to be black and white.

The Other Side is a world beyond an event horizon – for example, inside a black hole.

Astar’s Other Side is colorful and nice… however the concepts of Time and Space are flipped, causing the whole place to be more or less an eternal prison.

There are other “other sides” that have their own laws of physics, powers and creatures that might want to influence or assault the Right Side.

One can enter the Other Side simply by falling into a black hole. Going back is possible only by regaining consciousness about the side above.

One cannot go back from one side to another without a Key.



Ann lives on Shy’riath with her “roommate”, Naal. Her spiky pattern and inborn powers hint that she’s special, not a regular Shy’riathian like Naal.

Ann has a secret 100 step plan, goal of which is to revive an ancient race of alien cats (which she believes to be part of) to then take over and fix her world for good, as she wishes to revenge on everyone who casted her away for being different in her troublesome past.

She brought Astar and Shia (and by accident, Mia) from the Other Side as a part of her plan.

  • Ann cannot control her powers and uncontrollably levitates at all times
  • Ann is quite sociopathic and has troubles having a stable relationship
  • Ann tries to be friends with Astar and Shia to push her plan forward, but friendships are not easy to make and control as she wishes.
  • Since acquiring her mom’s scarf, she is being tormented by beings from the Other Side as nightmares and visions

Plays in:

S04E10 - Homecoming(1)


Ann and Astar finally split apart. For now.

S_________s Astar

Astar comes from the Other Side. He represents an ancient race of cats as one of its last remnants, he missed out on the extinction as he was stuck inside a black hole.

His life was ultimately saved by Shia on the Other Side – he dedicated the rest of his life to protect her instead. She became his ultimate love interest at that point. However, he appears to be a a bad relationship material as he proves he knows no morals and respects no rules, and his ancient mind, degraded by a vacation in a black hole, is not aligned with modern, logical ways of thinking.

When coming back from the Other Side, Astar accidentally brough his split personalities with him, ones that try to hunt him down, and ones that refers to as Gods – Astar is powerless against them. Closeness of the Gods – including Mia – give Astar better control of his singularity, enabling him to make wormholes.

  • Astar has no body – under his cloak he holds only a singularity, a portal to the Other Side.
  • Astar’s cloak is no cloak – it is his event horizon. If he misaligns his singularity under the horizon, an object he touches might be sucked in and forever lost on the Other Side.
  • He can reshape his event horizon into tendrils and other shapes, including hands.
  • Speaks both modern Shy’riathian and an ancient language.
  • Only Shia knows his full name, hidden behind a riddle. She just guessed it right.
  • If Mia, or any of the Gods is close to Astar, he can create wormholes that connect different points in space like they are adjacjent.

Plays in:

An attempt

Astar tries to wiggle his way out of consequences

S04E10 - Homecoming(1)


Ann and Astar finally split apart. For now.


Shia comes from Shy’riath, but lives with Astar and Mia now. She is a skilled sword fighter and uses ancient powers to deal with threats.

Shia saved both Astar and Mia on the Other Side – that is after she was forcefully casted there by Ann, simply by being thrown into a black hole. Even though Ann brought them all back and made Shia meet the love of her life, Shia holds a grudge against her and hates Ann openly.

Shia uses a heirloom sword passed in her family for generations. This sword can soak up any type of energy and release it in a swing. As Shia was zapped by a transmitter filled with ancient power she can now invoke some of this power to be used with the sword.

Now Shia lives with Astar and Mia on an unknown planet, using a castle as a shelter. Even though Astar proclaimed himself a leader, Shia is the real leader and instigator of adventure.

  • Shia loves adventure and likes challenge.
  • Shia is romantically confused – she is attracted to danger and aliens more than anything
  • Shia speaks only modern Shy’riathian – ancient speech of Astar and Mia is beyond her cognitive abilities
  • Shia’s weird clothing is her armor – it uses forcefield tech to repel metallic elements, protecting her from most non-organic matter. She wears no helmet.

Plays in:

An attempt

Astar tries to wiggle his way out of consequences

Mia (And Aim)

Mia comes from the Other Side, brought in by accident with Astar and Shia. She is a host to a God of Death – aiM, a terrible infectious creature repelled only by Light – therefore Mia always carries a torch or remains in light.

Mia’s existence has no point on the Right Side – she is a split personality reflection of Astar. However, as her life was saved by Shia, Mia gained consciousness and decided to stick with her. Mia is a voice of reason for Astar, but also a looming danger due to aiM. 

Mia barely holds any personal feelings, she mostly thinks for Astar and tries to be his external voice of reason and a boogieman. 

  • As long as Mia is aiM, she is bound to Astar.
  • Her closeness lets Astar use his powers better and create wormholes
  • Mia is addicted to Light, and without Light, aiM takes over – there is no way to beat aiM, she looms over everything that lives.
  • Speaks only ancient languages, however she understands modern languages as much as Astar.

Plays in:

An attempt

Astar tries to wiggle his way out of consequences


Naal is a regular Shy’riathian. He lives with Ann in his own house that he has a mortgage on. He tries to have a relationship with Ann, but her troublesome nature draws Naal into a world he never wanted to know.

Naal has no special qualities, except for being inexplicably normal. Nobody suspects him of anything. This makes him a target – outside forces, Gods or even Ann make use of Naal’s pacifist nature to gain something.

Naal can cook good food, works a comfortable office job. He wants to marry Ann, which… takes time. He dreams of vacation, however Naal is not given any time to rest – Ann or any other force will always draw Naal into some sort of mental distress.

  • Naal is a good, regular citizen. He even fills up tax papers by himself.
  • Lack of rest made Naal somewhat impulsive and moody.
  • Naal speaks only modern Shy’riathian – why would he need to learn any other language?
  • Naal is oblivious to Ann‘s dire plans and the whole Other Side. He is not aware of the powers at play there.

Plays in:

S04E10 - Homecoming(1)


Ann and Astar finally split apart. For now.


S2 Crucible - the Unknown Planet

A planet beyond Shy’riathian radars. Dangerously close to a black hole that hides a portal to the Other Side.

Currently home to Astar, Mia and Shia – they live in an abandoned castle after a kingdom long gone.

What lives on S2 Crucible is yet to be discovered – advanced civilizations, wild tribes or terrible creatures – one is sure: there’s something out there.

The Zodiac Castle

Named by Astar, it is home to Astar, Mia and Shia now. The crumbling old walls will not provide much protection against the threat of the Gods, but they will at least protect them from the rainfall

The previous owners of the castle seem to be gone, and the castle seems empty. At least for now.


The wild nature outside the castle walls fills with uncertainty. With Astar’s Gods on the run, any open field can turn into a resting place. Any bush can be hiding a creature undiscovered yet by Shy’riathian scholars.

Shy'riath - a cat's utopia

Shy’riath is a luxurious, peaceful planet, made by cats – for cats!

It is a home for Ann and Naal, living on the edge of their neighbourhood.

Shy’riathians are constantly on a lookout for alien threats – anything out of ordinary is dealt with, quickly. Ann, however, conducts her plan in secret, undercover, contacting Astar and messing with alien creatures without a sense of responsibility. This might not fly with Shy’riathian authorities in the long run.

Naal’s home

Naal owns a house (or rather; the bank owns a house) so he can live there with Ann. Under his nose she contacts her “friends” – Astar and Shia – to realize her own, scary agenda. Doing this she is breaking a lot of Shy’riathian rules, which might draw attention from the Authorities.

Park of Shy’riath

Nature, as well as everything else on Shy’riath, is well curated and made to be perfect. No mosquitoes! Self-cleaning leaves! Wild, four-winged duckoids! The park has it all.