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Volume 1 - Back on the Right Side

Cryptoids S01E08


Ann struggles to confess her feelings

Sunsetoid S01E11


Astar, Mia and Shia are finally together

Volume 2 - Our Greatest Weakness

S02E04 I rolled 20

I rolled 20

Astar tries to wiggle his way out of Shia’s wrath

S02E05 An Accident

An Accident

Naal gets too emotional after he learns the truth from...

S02E09 Water is Lava

Water is Lava

Shia and Ann come to the rescue!

S02E10 Eagle has Landed

Eagle has Landed

Shia and friends are finally home after a harsh landing

Volume 3 - Establishing a Kingdom

S03E01 - Change Of Plans

Change of Plans

Nobody was supposed to see the Plan, but...

S03E02 The Gold

The Gold

Astar and friends explore the castle and find Gold

S03E04 Alien Plague

Alien Plague

Astar and Shia find an alien device.

S03E05 Alien Artifact

Alien Artifact

Ann and Naal explore Ann's old house

S03E07 The Trashman

Immortal Emperor

Peasants get instructed about kingdom's new goals

S03E07 The Trashman

The Trashman

Astar becomes a royal Trashman, the Garbageperson.

S03E08 Just a Dream

Just a Dream

Ann is terrified by her nightly visions

S03E09 Roasted!


Astar prepares a roasted duckoid that he will never taste

Volume 4 - Doppelgangers

S04E00 Doppelgangers


While the original is missing, an impostor is enough

S04E07 Juxtaposition


Shia and Mia try to find a private spot in...

S04E09 Juxtaposition 3

Juxtaposition 3

Shia uses her ancient power to defeat the threat

S04E10 - Homecoming(1)


Ann and Astar finally split apart. For now.

An attempt

Astar tries to wiggle his way out of consequences

Volume 5 - Darkness from Within

Last Chance

Ann and Naal have an argument... again.

The Great Filter

Shia accidentally un-civilizes a civilization

Final Sunset

The Destiny Happens for Mia and Naal

Here be more volumes in the future!